The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Reviewed (Part 1)

In 2008, people were introduced to an exciting comedy-drama that talks about the life of a call girl particularly in London. In fact, more people paid much attention to London escorts along with the popularity of the hit TV show. During the first part of the show, it will be seen the obvious analysis of sexploits done by a well educated and high-priced escort London under the professional name of Belle de Jour, played by Billie Piper.
However, when de Jour isn’t working as London escort, she is identified by people as the simple Hannah Baxter. With an expertise in leading her double life, she still encountered trouble due to these two lives that de Jour has to outlive. Her best buddy Ben who is also her ex-boyfriend of course knows about her secret. But his knowledge about de Jour’s secret causes constant friction between the two ex-lovers.
Digging Up The Roots
Presented by Showtime Network first aired in June 16, 2008, The Secret Diary of a Call Girl was created by Lucy Prebble. The impact was greatly seen on women who are working as escorts in London however it didn’t stopped them from doing what they want in order to survive day to day needs. in the first episode, it will be seen that de Jour has to entertain her middle-aged client with enjoyment in role-playing.
She worked to entertain both the young and old men in London for the sake of her “professional’ job and earn for a living. It is de Jour’s role to dress and impress people as her clients take her to exclusive sex parties in London. Her skills in time management are put to test through attending to all her clients’ needs within a specific time frame. Unfortunately, as she goes along with her escorting job, she met a creepy client after seeing an awful review online that affected his business. He forced de Jour to spend the midnight with him and do what he wanted.
Why People Loved and Not Loved the Show
But luck still hit her upon meeting a high end American movie producer saying that he can make her a courtesan. The series wherein de Jour was characterized with a smart attitude made the show more appealing to men and women. But as the title says, the TV drama does not expose many secrets during the first season so people really need to watch the second part in order to know more about de Jour’s shocking secrets.
After sending 8 episodes for analysis, they all quickly vanished like candy in the public store. However, not all people would see it as a fun show to watch since the main character lets loose her second-soprano laughs once in a while. Some critics described it as de Jour seemed to always ask more of the viewers than what she is giving. Sex may be a great motivator to watch the show but it significantly doesn’t sustain it. But for many viewers, The Secret Diary of a Call Girl is indeed addictive in its own ways.