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The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Reviewed (Part 3)

With the third and last part of the Secret Diary of a Call Girl, viewers were provided with 9 episodes perfectly fit in no more than 8 weeks. The brief glimpse however left the audience unsatisfied due to less exciting scenes offered during this season. However, others were thrilled with complexities associated in London prostitution while Belle de Jour played at only some few fetishes while experiencing sticky situations. Because of these drawbacks, the TV series went off air for good.
The first episode wasn’t even included in the original 8 episodes with only a 30-minute line up. The choppy and last-minute interview between the series author Dr. Brooke Magnanti and Billie Piper, turns out that Magnanti was close to exposing the original London escort on the internet that’s why Showtime and British iTV did their very best in order to hush up the rumors. They also dealt with squelching media frenzy through interviews between the two.
The Awkward Situation
The interview, however, wasn’t that glamorous for the show and the uneasiness can be seen as she face the camera and state her story. Magnanti wasn’t that charming and is not even able to produce an excellent piece of the story even though she’s a PhD. Meanwhile, on the second episode of this season, the show spilled into numbers three and four as de Jour’s sister named Jackie moved in while wreaking havoc in her difficult situation.
Jackie decided to stay with de Jour because of her cheating husband and so she left him with their baby within the next three episodes. As they live their lives in London, Jackie discovered her sister’s inner slut so she began sleeping with Ben despite the fact that he was her sister’s best friend. But the character was obnoxious and flat that viewers get bored while watching the last season. The presence of Jackie only irritated de Jour and made poor decisions like ditching Ben and sleeping with a new found friend Duncan.
Did the Last Episodes Made Sense
On the fifth episode, Bambi is given a little bit more focus being de Jour’s fellow escort girl in London. The episode also talks about Bambi’s relationship with Byron, her client whom she become intimately acquainted with and decided to call it a deeper and more romantic affiliation. On the other hand, the Secret Diary of a Call Girl stays out of political commentaries to avoid racial discrimination of some sort particularly in London escorts.
On the final episodes of the last season, critics described it as mini-series or soap opera rather than a cohesive season for the entire TV drama. However, de Jour chose to shoulder her own prostitute role in order to manage her book. Her relationship with Duncan revealed more odds and the show totally went off the track. As people stated, the Secret Diary of a Call Girl third and last season is not making any sense at all. If you’re going to watch all of the episodes in this series, you be the judge. Take a look at the scenarios and see for yourself.